What is Barefoot Tiger

Imagine fitness and health being an effortless part of your day – Walking into the sunset healthy living nycyou are attuned to your body; you know the exercises and sports you love and what foods give you vitality. You’re able to make choices based on the life you want to live, because you know exactly what you want. Scheduling is seamless and your wellness regime is just part of ‘what you do’ every day. And most importantly, you have a full team of teachers, therapists and coaches teaching you and supporting every step you take toward a healthy life.

We are Barefoot Tiger – a mobile team of fun-loving, inspired and healthy teachers, therapists and trainers, all with the same goal: to teach and inspire others to live healthy lives, in the comfort of their own homes. We make it possible for our clients to fit wellness regimes into their schedules and provide the ultimate in convenience for busy professionals. When you’re working out on your time and in your space, you have a greater chance of success…and to us, that is of utmost importance.

Why work with Barefoot Tiger? Because we take it a step further – not only have we created a community (a family!) of teachers, trainers, coaches and therapists who all work together to bring you the best fitness program and the highest level of wellness possible. Barefoot Tiger is a member of the Medical Community Alliance, working to advance the vision of a world where health care really is about preserving Health, through lifestyle, fitness and dietary choices.
Imagine that your yoga teacher, massage therapist and nutritionist – possibly even your doctor – could speak and work together to support you in your wellness goals. How would that feel?

You’re closer to being a Barefoot Tiger than you think. Interested in trying it out? Be in touch, or fill out the Health History form. We’ll be in touch!

Barefoot Tiger: The Meaning Behind the Name

When you are barefoot, you are connected to Earth. You are grounded, and your sense of calm and stability increases. Being barefoot is also a kind of letting down your guard or vulnerability that is open and honest, yet powerful. The tiger is a strong being, graceful, efficient, powerful and commanding on the outside, yet humble and wise on the inside.

Dreamt up in a tiny NYC apartment kitchen back in 2003, the name ‘Barefoot Tiger’ was born as a vision for what optimum health, fitness and well-being really look like. To arrive at your best version of well-being requires invoking the qualities of being barefoot and being a tiger, simultaneously.

Being a Barefoot Tiger is a Way of Life

Our guiding principles:

To Guide and Be Guided – Barefoot Tigers share their knowledge to help others achieve their goals and remain open to the guidance and teaching of other people.

To Be Humbly Powerful – Barefoot Tigers are proud of that they have created in life, the work they are doing and where they are going. Quiet power lies in knowing that they are strong and able, yet humble enough to just smile and carry on.

To Be Human – We are all human. Barefoot Tigers know that they may stray from their path once in a while, but they always have the strength to come back to it. Even if it means asking for a little guidance.

Praise From Our Clients…

I took a GREAT class today! It was a good mix of stretching and strengthening. Jessica was great. She did some adjustments that gently took me deeper into the poses, and she gave a little shoulder massage at the end that was amazing. I can't wait to do pilates!

- Laura F. | New York City

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